Certified Microblading, Powder Brow, and Eyeliner Artist 

Microblading is an art form. It takes a skilled, steady, and precise hands. Artistry has always been the driving force that has fueled my passions. From teaching, to motherhood, to owning my own photography business, to illustrating my own children's book, art has always been a part of my journey. Every day I get to use my artistry and passion to change my client's lives. It is an amazing feeling to know that my hands have transformed a person's face, I wake up with an eagerness, ready to reshape and transform faces. 

I started the search for microblading because I am a victim of the thin brows of the 90's. My brows never grew back. When I found out about microblading, it was life changing, literally. I became obsessed with finding out every single thing I could about microblading. I knew immediately that it was something I NEEDED to do. And just to put you at ease, I've gone through the whole process myself. I absolutely LOVE my brows and will never go back! 

I would love to take this life changing journey with you. It would be an honor to be your microblading artist. 

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