what are Powder Brows?

Powder brows also known as shading, ombre brows, is a machine method technique used to apply pigment to the brows in layers. A powder brow mimics a soft make-up effect. This technique is perfect for ALL clients. It works well on those with little to no hair as well as those who have a full brow and are looking for better definition. Powder brows are custom created for each client, and we can create a soft or more defined brow.


WHY CHOOSE Powder brows?

This advanced technique has many benefits:

  • Create a whole NEW brow look

  • Covers up old faded tattoos

  • Easy transition from previous faded microblading

  • Creates a fuller, more defined and even brow

  • Fuller brows create a more youthful look, instantly take years off with this procedure

  • Takes time off your morning makeup routine 

  • Sweat proof and waterproof

  • No smudging

  • Longer results,

  • Works with ALL skin types, including oily or combination skin.

  • Clients come back for color boosts closer to the 12-18 month mark.

  • The brow is also fuller and more defined or dramatic than with the hair-stroke method. 



Consultation and brow design

Together we will shape and design a set of brows to enhance your natural facial features. Pigment colors are mixed and matched to complement your natural hair color and skin tone. 


A topical anesthetic (lidocaine ointment) is applied for 30 minutes PRIOR to the procedure to ensure maximum comfort. During the process a SEPARATE numbing agent lidocaine ointment) is used to enhance numbing effects.


The color is added in layers with a permanent makeup machine to achieve your ideal color, density, and shape.